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School Counselors Finally Get Their Own Platform. Share resources and manage your program like a pro.

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School Counselors Deserve Their Own Tool!

Tired of stacks of resources, post-its and file folders? Let’s share our resources to uplift each other and our students, while also reducing stress, saving time, and paper. 

The school counselors who use Counselora inspire its development, let us know what features you would like that can improve your ability to help more students and we will build it.

Organize And Share Your Counseling Resources

You can make your resources public allowing other school counselors to utilize them for their students. Together we can uplift more students and their families.

Keep Track Of Your Important Contacts

Store and organize all of your important contacts in a safe and secure place so that the numbers you need are always just a click away. Also, reduce stress and save time.

Oragnize Your Counseling Tasks, Activities And Program

A task list that is made specifically for school counselors to stay highly organized. The “Where my time went” chart allows you to see which counseling domain requires most of your time. and the program planner allows for easy activity planning.

Gratitude Journal (Morning Minute)

We know, “it’s hard to poor from an empty cup.” thats why we added a daily gratitude journal so you don’t forget to take care of yourself while also taking care of all of your students.

Why Counselora?

We believe that school counselors have one of the most important jobs in the world. The more easily we can share our resources, collaborate and organize our counseling programs, the more impact we can have on our students.

Organize And Share Important Resources

When counselors know what resources are available and have easy access to them, they are better able to respond and support to student needs and develop their comprehensive school counseling program.

Organize Important Contacts

Never lose another Post-It. Keep track of all of your important counseling contacts in one place. Community partnerships, volunteers, non profits, and any other contacts that support your counseling goals.

Organize Your Counseling Activities

When you tasks, counseling program and resources are all in one place, you can supercharge your impact. Try this simple counseling program organizer. You can link resources and tasks together so stress wont have time to catch up.

Organize Important Tasks

The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to stay on top of all your tasks. With this easy counseling task manager, you will be super organized. Plus, you can connect tasks to your important counseling activities and see a breakdown of which counseling domain took the most of your time.

View counseling news, success stories and more

Stay on top of recent news relating to school counselors and share success stories to help inspire the school counseling community.

Daily Gratitude Journal

Starting each morning with a moment of gratitude can help you feel stay emotionally healthy while you are in the tenches fighting for the success of your students. Remember, your job is one of the most important in the world. So take care of yourself.

Connect with other counselors from around the country.

Share updates, experience and news to help keep your fellow school counselors informed of the best information in the school counseling profession.


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